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Alen + Katrina

Its like I am going back in time and taking a trip down memory lane. The past two and a half years have been a lot. Personally they have been the saddest, happiest, fondest and stretching of my life. I have felt grief like I never believed was possible. I was living between countries and taking on new roles in my life that I never wanted but at the same time fell head over heels in love and into the best two roles of my life, wife and mummy. A LOT has happened behind the scenes but on the screens of my blog, social media and website it has been radio silence until this week. This week I have felt my creativity and excitement explode for my upcoming weddings and part of that has been because I have been looking back on some of my favourite wedding memories. Couples that make me smile and have given me so much joy in a time that was personally painful. Their lives have changed and grown and had added blessings, memories and babies since their special day took place and seeing this brings such a smile to my face. So enough of having these weddings on my hard drive I am here to share the goodness with you!

This is Katrina + Alen!

They are beautiful, creative, a ton of fun and seriously gorgeous inside and out. Their day was a delight and I hope you enjoy!




Nick + Nicola

Glen Ewin is such a wonderful venue to shoot at. What makes it truly magical is the love that shines bright there. One that beamed brightest for me was Nicola + Nick’s beautiful wedding.


Ruby + Nick

Its a cold wintery morning and I am sitting in one of my favourite cafes, eating smoothie bowls, sipping tea and thinking life is good. My mood is filled with smiles, heartwarming notes and it keeps wandering to all the beautiful moments I have shared recently with my amazing couples. I should be doing admin work but that just isn’t as fun. So while sitting at a rustic wood table and smiling away I couldn’t help but push the admin aside and share with you a wonderful little wedding filled with rustic notes, simplistic beauty and one of the most electric smiles from our beautiful bride Ruby.

Nick and Ruby’s day was awash with friends, family and fun. Not even the rain or a few wayward animals could dampen the mood to what was a truly great wedding at Barristers Block in the Adelaide Hills.

Hope you enjoy this gorgeous little wedding.


Keelan + Emma

On Keelan and Emma’s wedding day to say I was excited was an understatement. This is a couple who love each other and love life. They wanted their wedding to reflect that and boy did it ever! Firstly, purple bow ties and floral print shirt, I mean that just epitomises fun! What truly set it apart was how they chose to celebrate their wedding.

It was love filled, tear jerking and a get up and dance atmosphere. You couldn’t help but want to act like a big kid on the adventure of a lifetime. I mean who could resist getting swept away when you hold your wedding at the iconic Adelaide Zoo, have a guided animal experience as you sip pre dinner drinks and oh you know get to feed giraffe. It was so much fun and so breathtakingly beautiful being housed on the formal lawns and inside the century old Rotunda. It was a perfect day in a perfect setting and with a love story more epic than Wang Wang and Funi’s.

I hope you enjoy this oh so fun wedding.

Carly xoxo

Amy + Brock

I am ever thankful to my little blog… Why? Well it introduced me to Amy. One day while looking for accommodation in Stirling she stumbled across my blog and liked what she saw. When she got engaged she emailed me and we caught up for a cup of tea. From the moment I met her I knew she was a woman after my own heart. She is kind, caring and wonderful! I jumped at the chance to travel to Coffin Bay for her and Brett’s wedding and I am so so glad I did.

While growing up spending long summers on the Eyre Peninsula I somehow missed the wonderful place that Coffin Bay but we were introduced and I was in love with the coastline, the little cake shop, beautiful restaurants with locally sourced produce and the locals… Yes these were literally outside my front door.

The wedding day was a hot one. It was nearing 40 degrees but that wasnt going to stop Amy, Brock and their loved ones from having the time of their lives. We danced, we celebrated, we even went back to where it all began when Brock and Amy hit it off over a game of duck hunt at the Coffin Bay Pub!

I Was so glad to travel to be part of this destination wedding and even more glad to document the day of two truly amazing people.

Hope you Enjoy,


P.S How stunning is Amy in this Anna Campbell dress?!?!

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