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Alen + Katrina

Its like I am going back in time and taking a trip down memory lane. The past two and a half years have been a lot. Personally they have been the saddest, happiest, fondest and stretching of my life. I have felt grief like I never believed was possible. I was living between countries and taking on new roles in my life that I never wanted but at the same time fell head over heels in love and into the best two roles of my life, wife and mummy. A LOT has happened behind the scenes but on the screens of my blog, social media and website it has been radio silence until this week. This week I have felt my creativity and excitement explode for my upcoming weddings and part of that has been because I have been looking back on some of my favourite wedding memories. Couples that make me smile and have given me so much joy in a time that was personally painful. Their lives have changed and grown and had added blessings, memories and babies since their special day took place and seeing this brings such a smile to my face. So enough of having these weddings on my hard drive I am here to share the goodness with you!

This is Katrina + Alen!

They are beautiful, creative, a ton of fun and seriously gorgeous inside and out. Their day was a delight and I hope you enjoy!




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