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Lauren + Craig

So today was my first official day of leave. It was my first day of rest and I cancelled my massage/facial to run around delivering messages in bottles that carry some of the most gorgeous images that have lit up my screen recently. After a mini realisation that I am a workaholic I delivered my last USB to two lovely peeps that I also get to call friends, drove home, packed for a winter beach getaway, switched on the state of origin and between watching the blues take victory I decided to spend my first night of holidays buying new blog software to make getting these photos to you quicker… Thanks blogstomp! Then I decided to test it out and thought the last wedding I hand delivered tonight should  the first one I share. If only to give Lauren and her teacher friends a break from report writing.

When two of your friends decided to spent their lives as husband and wife its pretty special. When they ask you to capture it all it just sends you over the top with giddiness and excitement. The 18 month wait for this day was however painful. I just wanted that autumn day to roll around. It seemed like forever for that date to roll around so I can only imagine how long it seemed for the bride and groom Lauren + Craig. It was worth the wait. Every second of it because this day was just perfect.

Filled with friends, family and two very in love people. Glen Ewin’s pulp shed was a perfect backdrop for this well awaited wedding. Lauren was a dream to photograph and Craig what can I say… You nailed it! Every frame I shot left me swooning, smiling, laughing, and they were just the smile booth shots. Don’t even get me started on what you are about to see below!

It’s a little piece of my two friends and their love story and I am thrilled to share it with you.

Now I am going to sign up to workaholics anonymous and hope you enjoy this lovely little wedding.

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