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Melissa + Scott

The Riverland is one of those greatly kept secrets, especially when it comes to weddings. So when Scott and Melissa invited me to shoot their wedding in the picturesque Bow Hill I was delighted. They wanted their wedding to truly reflect them so an afternoon on the banks of their river shack enjoying laughter, good music, good friends and a drink or two was the perfect setting for this couple to tie the knot. When I got the email from Mel telling me that her and Scott were engaged I squealed with delight. Why? Well when you see Mel and Scott you will know in part why. They are the most beautiful and in love couple that are a blast to spend time with. Their families are also amazing. I had the pleasure to meet them at Wade and Sarah’s wedding which to date is one of the most fun weddings I have been part of so I knew I would adore this one.

When I hopped on the fairy and drove along the dirt roads towards the shack I knew it would be a great day but it was even better than I could have imagined. Once again the girls outdid themselves with beautiful detail, perfect planning and an atmosphere that made you smile with delight.

It was a blissful afternoon that ended with a boat ride, a private moment and some breathtaking shots. Four months on I am still swooning over this big day and wish I could enjoy it all again.


Carly xoxo

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