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On the 12th Day of Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me twelve cute kids, eleven years of love, ten timeless moments, nine holes of golf, eight sparkling sparklers, seven sweet touches, six sangrias, five reason to smile, four spinning wheels, three white flowers, two pink flamingos and a macaroon wedding tree.

Its Christmas Eve, I would say its the day before my most favourite day of the year but it isnt. I think Christmas Eve is just as special. Its become a tradition to me. I get to see cute kids dressed up as sheep, mc hammer look alikes or beautiful angels and put on a darling show. After which friends come round for a drink and a laugh before we usher in Christmas with a Jazz Carol or two. Its such a beautiful night spend with family and friends and I adore it.

So as I edit the finishing touches to more of these cute videos for tonights show I though I would share the outtakes we put together. So if you are looking for something wonderful to do with your Christmas Eve come along and say hi, we would love to see you there.

As the very cute girl at the end says.

Have a good Christmas.

Enjoy it with someone you love.

Carly xoxo


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