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Nicolle + Clint

While writing this blog I am feeding my dog Davie treats. Why you might ask? Well he is the catalyst behind this post. It was because of his quirks and barking at the neighbours kid using our fence as a soccer goal that lead me to meet Sue a wonderful and talented woman with excellent taste from Bark Busters. She came to our home and helped train Davie not to bark at the neighbours kid. After all of five minutes we seemed to have that sorted so spent the rest of the time teaching the pup some tricks and chatting. It must have come up that I was a photographer because a few months later there was an email from Clint and Nicole asking to meet with me. Sue, Clint’s mum , suggested that they check out my site as she thought I might be a good match for their wedding photographer. She is such a wise woman as not only did she cure Davie from barking at the kid next door but connected me with one of the most amazing couples.

Which brings me to this blog post from March where sun soak days filled our skies and summer was starting to fade. Mine and Lochie’s cheeks were hurting by the end of the day from smiling and laughing so much. It felt like we were at a friends wedding and enjoying every moment. From a little basket ball in the morning to dancing the night away this wedding was a blast. But nothing topped the love that these teenage sweethearts who met at pizza hut share and the generosity they have towards their friends and family. Being part of your day was truly special and we adored every minute. So as Davie sits here in a food coma from all his treats I think the moral of this story is listen to your mum cos she knows best!

Hope you enjoy this wedding.

Carly xoxo

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