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Verity + Tom

On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me two pink flamingos and a macaroon wedding tree.

It’s 6am and as the sun rises and the birds chirp I am awake and bursting at the seams to show you Tom + Verity’s wedding that was held at their farm. Held in their converted wood shed and set into a backdrop of rolling hills and glistening pink and yellow fields this wedding was an absolute dream. The detail gave Lochie and I hours of fun to photograph and so did kids who played merrily on hay bails and amongst the trees. Everywhere you looked there was a detail to admire, a view to take in or an expression to capture. It was my kind of wedding, in fact its probably the closest wedding that I have attended or photographed to what I would do on my big day, and yes I may be taking an idea or twenty from you guys.

This wedding truly captured the love these two have for each other and those who attended. Everyone who was invited was also involved, from making flower wreaths for the girls to wear in their hair, everyone who camped out for the weekend, to all the musicians and bands being friends of the couple (special mention to the ukulele group, you girls were a hit). You could feel the love on this land and that this day was about a celebration of two people who open their arms wide, invest themselves and love deeply.

From the stroll to the top of the hill to the ceremony and the bride and groom arriving on a tractor to bands playing on the back of a pick up truck while friends laughed around bon fires every moment of this day had soul and was a dream to be part of… So forgive this very long blog post I couldn’t  choose between all the photos!


Carly xoxo

Jess & Janek {sneak peek}

Nestled into the hills of Crafer’s there is a gorgeous church called Church of the Epiphany. It’s where the scene was set for Jess and Janek’s wedding. I had the privilege of being part guest part photographer for the ceremony. It was my pleasure to be part of the nuptials of this family who has so much love for each other it just overflows and is contagious to everyone else around.

Jess did not disappoint on the style side. It was as if I had stepped back in time to the gorgeous 30’s and 40’s the dresses and veil were perfectly fitted to this stylish and refined wedding. After being swept up in hymns of times gone by and a choir of amazingly gifted teens, an I do or two it was all sealed with a kiss and that was my cue to chase Maple around the garden and pick flowers with her before taking off for some fun with the rest of the bridal party at Balhannah Railway Station.

This day was truly as if I had stepped back in time and I pray it is one of many timeless memories you will share.

Carly xoxox

A-tishoo and a smile or two {sneak peek Chris and Elissa}

You might wonder where this title comes from… But take your mind back to days when you would play ring and round the rosy or kisschasy. Where you would laugh with your girlfriends and dream that one day you would marry that boy you hoped would come chasing you. Elissa and Chris’s wedding day was a little like this. There was lots of girlie giggles, mostly from the gorgeous bridesmaids, and the little girls danced around our beautiful bride and played all day long.  The idealic settling of Mylor in the Adelaide Hills adorned with giant balloons and a glistening sun acted as a backdrop to this stunning event. When Chris and Elissa shared vows to each other and their son Jay the kids played and I happily clicked away to capture this truly delightful day.

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