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2014 a year in review

2014 has been a huge year both professionally and personally. It has been one of those years that refines you and has been a year that while personally it has been hard it has been a year I am truly thankful for. It has been a year where I have had a new level of…

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  • Ultimate Hampers - Wow what a year in review! Some really amazing photos and I adored all of them. My favourite ones if I had to pick would be the star wars themed ones. So awesome to see the couples really having fun on their wedding days and creating a few fun shots.

Steph, Dave and Edward

Lifestlye shoots like this are my thing. I love taking beautiful images of people as they just be with each other. This little chap wanted nothing more than to just be in the ‘jungle’ looking for tigers and hearing his echo in the trees. We let him play, we played with him and went on…

Evelyn Rose

You may remember this photo I posted on facebook of the gorgeous Evelyn Rose. Well you can see where she gets her style and good looks from. Her family is beautiful inside and out and these photos don’t begin to capture the love they have for each other. May you spend this Christmas surrounded by…

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